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Presented by Katharine White, MS, APRN, NC-BC, Professional Transition Coach 

Welcome to the Transition Echo Focus Group information page. I am Katharine White, a Transition Coach, who is passionate about assisting individuals to navigate their transitions, helping them shift from chaos, uncertainty and inaction to reaching peak performance. While I address typical life transitions focused on aging, loss, moving, brain and body health conditions, job changes, relationships and retirement, among others, even a change in the year or season, can pose transition challenges.

In order to effectively target my coaching in transition circumstances, I would like to hear directly from individuals in a focus group format about what they have heard, experienced, and tried successfully or unsuccessfully as they navigated their transitions.


Research shows that getting support through transitions results in the best outcomes, and better life quality in key life areas. This focus group will provide such support as referenced in the H (Help) of the ECHO mnemonic below.

Named ECHO to highlight the reverberation that transitions can conjure up, the following goals are identified for the focus group:

E - Educate participants regarding transition processes and understand the resonance with this concept. 

C - Collect information regarding participants' experience with transition.

H - Help participants if transitions have produced challenges.

O - Achieve at least one helpful Outcome (i.e., learning, perspective, action step) as a result of participating.

Four one-hour sessions comprise the focus group. Scheduling of the sessions will depend on the availability of participants. The sessions are complimentary.

If you would like more information prior to joining, please schedule a complimentary information session HERE.

If you are ready to participate, please submit your contact information at the link below. 
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