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Sunset Sailboats

Katharine White is an executive coach emeritus with decades of experience as a Life/Business Coach, Clinician Scientist, Strategic Planner, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, guiding transformative success for individuals and teams facing life transitions or business/professional career challenges. Common Personal/Life Coaching issues include losses, partner/family relationship changes, aging, retirement, relocation, serious illness management and significant transitions. Business/Professional Coaching often focuses on addressing entrepreneurism, strategic and tactical plan implementation, worker/role competencies, performance management, leadership development, and/or satisfaction with job, career choice and boss/coworker relationships. Activation Science innovations are utilized by Katharine, to powerfully motivate clients to engage, process and sustain new behavior changes that optimize targeted client goals. Breakthrough results are produced by empowering and educating coachees to unlock their strengths and maximize their growth, so as to achieve and sustain intrapersonal change transformation and continuous outcomes improvement.

The Lighthouse metaphor addresses multiple challenges... As a BEACON, a lighthouse lights the way (when individuals are "in the dark"), makes it possible to venture out in the world, (knowing the light will guide one's destinations) and knowing the presence and strength of the lighthouse, will be consistently available providing a source of resilience through change.

Are you having trouble managing personal and professional transitions in life?

As a leader, are you baffled by what it takes to activate teams?

Are you falling short of your goals, but hesitate to ask for help?

Are you lacking satisfaction in key areas of your life?


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