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  Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with Katharine's coaching services, and contact her today to schedule an initial consultation.

"One of the new insights I discovered during my sessions with Katharine, was that I have the ability to stop the negative thinking,  and that I am in control of my destiny.   I am capable to create whatever future I set my mind to. "  -J.L.

"When I first started coaching with Katharine, I was suffering from depression and anxiety and I needed someone to help me break through my shell. ........It was a great pleasure to have someone to talk to........Katharine really listened to me and gave me feedback. We set goals together and it gave me more hope that I would pull out of this difficult time.
My biggest insight was that I am a good person and I have to learn to say no to avoid being taken advantage of."
"I needed to get back on my feet and Katharine helped me do that."
"I have recently had the wonderful experience of working with Katharine White. When we started coaching, I was overwhelmed with most aspects of my life.....Katharine was very understanding and caring throughout the whole process. She helped me gain a different perspective on how to better manage my expectations of myself, my time, and my anxiety overall regarding what I feel needs to be accomplished on a given day. She was so calming and soft-spoken that I felt at ease during every session. Her insight has been most valuable. Those closest to me have commented that I appear less stressed over things that I normally would be anxious about."
" Katharine has a way of putting the noisy mind at ease…and her comforting tone of voice alongside her pleasant disposition made working together an absolute joy."​

'Katharine was masterful in her listening and actionable suggestions. And always, always reminding me of the positive, the accomplishments I had already attained.  
Her coaching style was just the right balance of support, encouragement, and inspiration, with a sprinkling of reality and a healthy dose of self-forgiveness.
Her sensible guidance allowed me to take one step at a time.  By presenting suggestions to make progress in bite-sized pieces I was able to tackle my overwhelm. Our coaching sessions encouraged me during this time to consider and accomplish goals that previously overwhelmed me."​
"My experience working with her was a blessing."  ​​​

"Katharine did a fantastic job holding me accountable to myself."
"Her session notes were very detailed and insightful. Her style is full of kindness and compassion.  Which encouraged me to be kind and compassionate to myself.  While I still have a way to go, I carry her words along with me on my journey to creating balance and self-care in my life."

"Her dedication to two-way communication allowed me to manage my thoughts and goals with ease."

"I am thrilled and happy to wholeheartedly recommend Katherine White as a Leadership Coach - whether leadership of others or of yourself. With her gentle manner, Katherine shares with clarity and precision from her depth of expertise and insights. I gained fresh perspective, learned new vocabulary, and received specific tools that I can apply to specific situations. We were able to address a broad scope of topics in a concise manner. Our discussion was substantive and replete with value, ranging from best practices to optimize brain health, to dealing with loss, and the ability to decathect (my new word) in order to increase mindfulness. It was a relaxing and intellectually stimulating interchange that was one of the best uses of my time."


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